G’day again guys..

We (bells & I ), have gone Walkabout…

 ..Go walkabout 

1. wander around from place to place in a protracted or leisurely way. "I thought I'd just go walkabout and see what I can dig up”. “He's gone walkabout for reasons of his own". 

2. (of an Australian Aboriginal) journey into the bush in order to live in the traditional manner.

We started about a month ago on this sure to be EPIC adventure with a brand new and fully decked out camper trailer called the “Dominator” by GIC Campers. http://giccampertrailers.com.au

 The method we chose for our conveyance on this trip is the trusty and also fully loaded 2012 Landrover Defender. Into which i proceeded to pack, tuck, shove and jam everything i thought we might need for a long distance trip around this “Great Southern Land”.


The plan is to take our time and see a little of this country we call home, stopping at van parks when we have to and camping rough in the wilds when we can. We have every thing we could need for long stays away from civilisation with the hope of doing some fishing/hunting to provide a bit of extra food when its available.

We hope to keep you all up to date as to what we are up to and supply pics and links to cool things we see, do or stay at.

 We would love for you to follow us on Facebook or contact us via skype or email.

Thanks and be safe.

Jb & bella.


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