Hey folks, for those of you who don’t know me… I’m Jim (jb) Beam (yes that’s my real name). But i used to be Ward Nash.

I’m 46 and currently live in Beautiful Australia with my vet certified, co-pilot/chick magnet "The Fearless" Bells (foxy x jack russell).

With this new stage of my ever interesting life, I find myself driving around the Country with my Dog, Bells, getting back to nature.

I have a simple philosophy on life and that is. “Have fun, be the best YOU possible. (unless your an asshole.. don't be the BEST asshole. Be honest to yourself and others. and Don’t do any harm”.

That’s not to say that I have always succeeded in following those simple rules, but I continue to try.

"peace, love & jelly babies"

jb 'n' bells

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