No More Scary Stuff

No More Scary Stuff is designed to break through the fear factor in all areas of your professional or personal life. If we could help you with any fear, phobia, bad habit, limiting belief, addiction, negative emotion, anxiety – anything in fact that you believe is holding you back from being the person you were designed to be, would that be of value to you?

CONTACT:  Michele

phone: +61 418 221 243  -      www.nomorescarystuff.com

email: michele@nomorescarystuff.com  -   skype: michele.nash

Michele Nash - Master Hypnotherapist & Instructor, Master NLP Coach & Trainer, Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy & NLP, Professional Behavioural & TriMetrix Analyst

Bettina's experience:  I worked with Michele to prepare for my Provisional Driving Test (Sept 2013) - passed with no stress (I have a need to get it right the first time!), no tension, a great attitude and successful result first time.  Tests have always been an issue for me regardless of how good I am at something.  Thank you Michele, you made me part of the process by getting me to not only spell out exactly how I wanted the results to be but also how I wanted every step to go.  She even accommodated me by doing our session by Skype!  The tension fell away.  Excellent Hypnotherapist.  Highly recommended.

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