3 September 2014

Starting Out...

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First leg.

So we started our trip a little after sparrows fart on a weekday morning, with the plan of taking our time and having a nice slow drive to Forster and arriving at Lani's Holiday Island by mid afternoon.  www.lanis.com.au

We decided to stay here for a week to get used to all the new toys and things we have for the trip.

During our stay we met 2 guys from 4 vans down from us who had made friends with the lady traveling solo in the next van to them(Jenny and Izzy, the dog), And the three of them invited us to join them for a communal BBQ and a few drinks over by the pool. "sweet"

I did get to cook some great meals on my new Ozpig. http://www.ozpig.com.au and the rest of the cooking gear was just perfect.

It was a rather busy (its all relative) week but we got lots done and bells had a great time exploring new places and things like long grass tickling her belly when she runs..

Jenny and izzy were heading out before us and said they were going to a spot called South West Rocks, just up the road a bit and right on the beach.  Which got me thinking, and after consulting the charts, its SW for us.

The next day I get a call from jenny telling me how great the van park was, it had its own beach, between two bigger beaches..      ("We don’t need no stinking beaches")

I told her, "ill seeyat 2"  and finished packing up between beers, ‘'naturally''..    Cheers!

Jb & bells.

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